On a hot February day in 2004 my best mate Lucy (a tan kelpie) was killed accidentally when a trailer I was unloading collapsed and crushed her. I found the death of my dog was like losing a member of my family.  I was totally unprepared for her death and it brought me to a blubbering mess. I nursed my beautiful dog apologising to her for her sudden death that I had caused. It took me some time to understand why this tragedy had occurred; I believe it was fate and Lucy's death led both my wife Deb and I to where we are today.

When Lucy was killed I had no knowledge of Pet Cremation, There were few options for country people so I buried Lucy in a spot we now call ‘Lucy’s garden'.  We have memorial sandstone in her memory placed above where she is buried.

The service we now provide for animal lovers began in Country NSW on the 15th of December 2004.  I left a secure government job with the NSW Police Force and started the first pet cremation service for country people covering most of the Central West of NSW (about 80,000 Square km’s).

We have agents based in or servicing areas including Mudgee, Wellington, Dubbo, Parkes, Forbes, Orange, Bathurst, Blayney & Cowra and most towns around these areas, we also collect from Vets in Young and Cootamundra. We transfer pets from all the vets in these town and that is our prefered collection location. All vets have Mortuary facilities which means the pet can be kept cool until we are able to make the transfer. Should you pet die at home contact you family vet and they will generally let you bring your pet to their clinic and place it in their mortuary.

Our Pet Crematorium has moved to a new location in Orange's Leewood Estate Industrial area and is purpose built for individual pet crematoriums. We opened our first pet crematorium in May 2008,  located at our home among the peace and tranquillity of 10 acres of native bush land. We still have our private rose garden at the original facility, however on the 20 of May 2018 we opened a new facility in Leewood Drive Orange to help us cope with the increased demand for our services. We have offices and a reception area at the new location and someone is on site Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm ( most of the time) if attending please call first 02 63611001.