Jewellery Care Guide

How do I look after my jewellery?

All jewellery needs to be looked after to keep it looking shiny and vibrant.

For sterling silver jewellery, you can remove light tarnish by mixing together a gentle washing up liquid with warm water and using a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean off any marks. After cleaning, gently rinse your jewellery under lukewarm water and allow to dry thoroughly. For heavy tarnishing, we recommend polishing your jewellery with a silver jewellery cloth or silver polish.

For gold vermeil jewellery, clean with a soft jewellery cloth or use a soft toothbrush with soapy water as above.

For stainless steel jewellery, simply clean with a soft jewellery cloth.

Do not use any chemical cleaners. Do not dip any antiquated jewellery (such as our silver pet prints charms and pendants) into silver dip, as this will remove the effect.

How should I store my jewellery?

To keep your jewellery looking shiny and cared for, we suggest you keep it wrapped in some acid-free tissue when you’re not wearing it. Keep out as much air as you can by storing your jewellery in a jewellery box or soft pouch, which will help to keep your jewellery from tarnishing.

Will my jewellery scratch or dent?

All jewellery will show signs of aging if you wear it regularly, but there are some things you can do to help avoid this. Try not to wear your jewellery when exercising or sleeping, and avoid wearing it with other pieces that can rub against or scratch the metal. Take extra care with charm bracelets and keyrings, as these are especially prone to being knocked against hard surfaces.

What causes silver to tarnish?

All silver will tarnish naturally, especially in humid environments. Common materials and household ingredients will also speed up the rate of tarnishing, including wool, eggs, onions, mayonnaise, rubber bands, latex gloves and certain paints. Try to keep your jewellery away from these items and keep touching to a minimum if possible (as oils from your skin can also create tarnish).

How can I slow down the rate of tarnishing?

Start by keeping your jewellery dry – don’t wear it in the shower, at the gym or while cleaning. Chlorine (bleach or within a pool or spa) is particularly harmful to silver and can cause permanent damage or discolouration, especially at high temperatures. If you do get your jewellery wet, just make sure to dry it off completely as soon as possible. Also, when getting ready for the day, always leave your jewellery last to avoid getting makeup, perfumes, creams or soap directly on the surface.


With a little love and care, your jewellery will continue to be a beautiful dedication to your pet for many years to come. If you have any other questions or concerns about your jewellery, our friendly team is always here to help.

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