Paw Castings $200 – 420

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At Pets at Peace Centra; West, we pride ourselves on our casting service and the beautiful memories that it helps to produce. With your permission, a mould is taken of your pet’s paw, which is then cast and finished in a similar to the way in which parents have their baby’s hands and feet cast and framed at birth.
A casting is bound to become a treasured, endless memory for you and your family long after your special friend has passed.

A variety of options are available with the Paw Castings, such as single and double paws, mounted single and double paws, framing and photos.

Paws are finished in gold or silver-coloured finish.

We kindly request that bookings for paw castings be made as soon as practical after your pet’s passing.


Your pet’s paw will be prepared to ensure a quality cast can be taken.
Colour finish & length of paw may vary slightly between products.
Please allow up to 6 – 8 weeks for creation of this bespoke memorial piece.
Freestanding Single Paw (CAST-1) $200
Freestanding Double Paw (CAST-2) $300
Mounted Single Paw (CAST-M-1) $320

Mounted Double Paw (CAST-M-2) $420

Also available framed: