Locally made pottery urns

Locally made urns by a potter living in Orange. These are an addition to our standard option for a small cost of $20.00 and you are supporting local business.

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External Poly Urns

If your pet had a special place under the tree in the back yard where you just could not get anything to grow because that was their favorite spot, under a bush next to the pool, then an upgrade to the UV treated poly urn is just the thing.

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Scatter Tubes

Should you want to scatter your pets ashes at their special place, our scatter tube is a good option to consider.

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Standard Urns

Our Pottery Urns are part of our Standard Cremation package, these Urns are available in two colours Earth and White.

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Timber Boxes

Timber Boxes are an upgrade and available in different styles, a Standard box , or a Photo Box with a Photo frame attached to the top to hold a picture of your beloved pet, the photo can be inserted DIY.

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Teak Boxes

Our Teak Boxes are another upgrade option. These boxes are no longer available with a photo frame and hinged style are in limited supply ( non hinged also now available). The hinged box can be sealed or left so it can be opened.

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Cremation Certificates

Cremation Certificates are available to be ordered to accompany your pets ashes. These Certificates include your pets name and the time of their cremation, along with a signature to signify your pets individual cremation.

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Memorial Paws

Framed Memorial Paws

Framed Memorial Paws are created from an exact mould of your pets front paws, these moulds are then coloured in silver or gold and professionaly framed.

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Pewter Pins

As a small token to remember a lost pet, we offer a pewter lapel pin in the shape of a paw.

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