Galaxy Memorial Dome $230


This handmade memorial dome combines a tiny amount of your pet’s ashes with swirls of a colour of your choice. This creates a striking and bespoke reminder of your pet that can be placed within your home or workplace.

*Please allow 4-6 weeks for the creation of this bespoke item.

Available in the following colours: amber, amethyst, black, cobalt blue, sky blue, emerald green, lime green, orange, pink, red and yellow.

Glass. 7 x 8cm.

*As each dome is handmade, there are slight variations in the colour.


This dome is beautiful when lit up from beneath with our LED light base, available separately for $10 (not included with dome).

*Memorial display photo showing a Ornate Wooden Box, Spiral Memorial Dome and Comfort Stone are listed separately and are not included